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Dr. Alice A. Christie's University Classes

EDT 545: Summer 2001


During the Summer of 2001, Dr. Alice Christie offered EDT 545: Internet & Communications Technology. During this class, all students had the opportunity to create their own Web Sites.

I am very proud of my students and their accomplishments and invite you to visit their sites.


Robert Berger

Roxanne Clement

Sunshine Coble

Marna Coldwater

Marla Couture

Amber DeWeerdt

Jodie Donner

Bill Duzan

Trevor Ettenborough

Nancy Flagle

Mandy Flonacher

Anne Fraley

Bob Furlong

Audra Gibson

Kim Gorzen

Amy Hall

Pam Hodges

Dorothy Jones

Joanne Kanter

Maggie Leach

Alex Mada

Bill McClure

Andi McElvain

Ernie Molina

Michelle Monaghan

Bob Morris

John Moritz

Lea Neibarger

Mark Oesterle

Amy Perhamus

Jennifer Perry

Lisa Picazo

John Sample

Kim Sample

Denise Schoettlin

Scott Sebranek
Linda Trainor
Tricia Troiano
Martin Williams
John Wilson
Randal Yard
Tom VanBuren


Stephanie Tennille taught another section of EDT 545 at Pendergast School District. These students and links to their sites are listed below:


Jessica Bartels
Cindy Hunt
Jacinta Sorgel
Alan Dwyer
Charity Loyd
Kim Thomas
Suzanne Halley
Tracy Meier
Mary Westmoreland
Beth Hanley
Stuart Pam
Kay Weiser


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