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Dr. Alice A. Christie's University Classes

EDT 545: Summer 2002


During the Summer of 2002, Dr. Alice Christie offered EDT 545: Internet & Communications Technology. During this class, all students had the opportunity to create their own Web Sites.

I am very proud of my students and their accomplishments and invite you to visit their sites.



Steven Alverez

Aparjita Guhathakurta

Melody Milgrim

Dan Carpenter

James Hawk

Lynn Myers

Lynn Castiglione

Carole Hogg

Kristen Pasinski

Deidre Cronin

Denise Krebs

Michele Schiff

Ruth Ann Ditto

Julie Kreiman

Greg Timko

Chris Giles

Valerie Larrison

Aliye Ustten


Wendy Maldonado



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