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Dr. Alice A. Christie's University Classes

EDT 545: Summer 2006

During the Summer of 2006, Dr. Alice Christie offered EDT 545: Internet & Communications Technology. During this class, all students had the opportunity to create their own Web Sites.
I am very proud of my students and their accomplishments and invite you to visit their sites.

Penny Boivin Kasie Inman
Ginny Chaves Brooke Keller
Debbie Cordova Lynn Matthews
Lacey Cunningham
Jim Meadows
Annie Davis
Beth Fairbanks
Nichole Reynolds
Nathan Fairbanks
Becky Farson
Cynthia Sherwood
Michelle Finn
Kristin Huffman  

Dr. Christie and Students

Web Sites by Junior Interns from the Deer Valley School District:


Leah Zampini


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