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Dr. Alice A. Christie's University Classes

EDT 545: Summer 1999


During the Summer of 1999, Dr. Alice Christie offered EDT 545: Internet & Communications Technology. During this class, all students had the opportunity to create their own Web Sites.

I am very proud of my students and their accomplishments and invite you to visit their sites.


Mary Adams

John Hay Diane Nonack
Jordan Beveridge Gwen Hogan Rebecca Osorio
Heather Carter Denis Lawton

Dina Parra

Linda Cooper Laird Leavitt

Diana Philp

Grant Delph
Christine Lord

Barbara Ratliff

Constance Egter Heather Lynch

Corina Scanlon

Ron Gesme

Mike Syrkel

Pam Hanover Juliet Mendez

Stephanie Tennille

Judy Harris

Valerie Naish

Nora Ulloa


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