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Dr. Alice A. Christie's EDT 545: Scanner in CLCC 216

How to Use the Scanners in CLCC 216

1. Choose Adobe Photoshop Elements on your launcher. You will find it in "Classroom Apps"







Adobe Photoshop will open

2. Choose "Acquire"








3. Choose the import source using the toggle button.






After you choose HP Scan Jet .. click "OK".





4. HP PrecisionScan Pro will open.






5. Place the image you wish to scan into the scanner, putting it in the top right hand corner of the scanner.

6. Check your resolution.



Choose the resolution that you prefer. Remember:

  • the higher resolution, the slower the scan
  • the higher the resolution the greater the memory requirement
  • the higher the resolution the greater options for changes





7. Click on the open scanner button. (The first button on the left).



The scanner will warm up and create a preview scan.





8. Click on the right bottom corner of your scanned picture.

Click and drag the "+" sign around the portion of the document you wish to scan.

You will see the marching ants around your image.







9. Open the "Scan Window" on your toolbar.





Choose Scan to Adobe Photoshop Elements from the "Scan Window."





10.The document will scan.

Then go to File and choose Save. Save in your Class Server Space.

Go to File again, this time choosing "Save for Web."









"Save for Web" reduces your image size and memory allocation.

Congratulations! You have completed your scan!

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