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Dr. Alice A. Christie's EDT 546: Web-Based Field Trips

Web-Based Field Trip Examples and Tool
  • ASU West Plant Walk
    Here you are able to view a collection of various plant life forms, you will also be able to see every plant's specific location, and learn about their habitats at ASU at the West Campus. Taking this tour is a good way to gather information on desert-loving flowers, shrubs and trees for your own landscaping and gardens
  • ASU at the West Campus Tour
    The ASU at the West campus tour introduces you to the unique beauty of this modern campus in northwestern Phoenix, Arizona, the quality of their academic programs, and the spirit of their students, faculty and staff who make up the university community.

Family at Computer

  • Dr. Alice Christie's Virtual Fieldtrip Page
  • Be A Museum Maker: How Your Class Can Create a Virtual Field Trip

    After exploring a variety of museum sites, you're ready to became the architect of your own project. Like any successful venture, planning is essential. As a class, you'll need to begin by addressing some important questions:
    • What is the theme or focus of the museum?
    • Who is our audience?
    • What artifacts are the most interesting and/or important?
    • What's the best way to organize and display artifacts?

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