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Dr. Alice A. Christie's University Classes: EDT 530

Web 2.0 Tools and Examples
  • LibraryThing
    Catalog your books online and connects with people who read the same things you do! Amazing site!
  • SecondLife
    An online digital world imagined, created, and owned by its residents.
  • GoogleEarth
    Satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings put the world's geographic information at your fingertips
  See, hear, view
  • Joyce Valenza's Virtual Library
  • Digital Pencil
    An environment that provides tools for young online learners
  • WorldBridge
    Global network that combines all technologies together into a virtual space for sharing and online learning
  • Wikipedia
    A collaborative information sharing environment
More Web 2.0 Tools Useful for Teachers


web 2.0

  • vyew: web collaboration
  • voicethreads: collaborative voice, and picture slideshow
  • voki: portable talking avatar (Be careful of backgrounds)
  • writeboard: online text editing made collaborative
  • wufoo: create forms to gather information
  • youtube: video sharing
  • yugma: web conferencing

Hybrid services using content and ideas from many different services to create something new. Mashups examples:

  • Buzztracker shows you the world news through maps
  • WorldCat provides access to 18,000 libraries
  • MoreMap A GoogleMaps Mashup that lets you perform Package Tracking, check Weather, track Earthquakes, view Traffic, find Movies, Banks, and Radio Stations on a Google Map
  • Dewspot combines satellite maps, photo-galleries, video-resources, weather information, and lets you share your results with your friends and create your own communities