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Dr. Alice Christie's Discovering Art in a Web 2.0 World

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Since technology is an integral and growing part of daily living in the twenty-first century, the challenge is to use technology effectively to help young people take ownership for learning and develop the practical and critical thinking skills necessary to better understand the world around them.


Using emerging and kid-friendly technology tools such as GPS receivers and Google Earth, teachers can create exciting, empowering, exploratory environments that focus on student engagement with art in their communities.


Below, teachers will find a series of lessons on various art works in the Phoenix metropolitan area, as well as an interactive Google Map to locate the works on which the lessons focus.

Barry Goldwater Memorial Marina Water Muse
Cactus Mirage Nisbet Road Pedestrian Bridge
Color Walk An Open Book
The Elements The Path Most Traveled
Fire Station # 30 River Then, River Now, River Future
Fragmented Landscape The Sun and the Moon
Language of Light WaterWorks at Arizona Falls


All lessons were developed by Dr. Christie during a consultancy to Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture (MPAC). MPAC holds the copyright to all lessons.


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Interactive Map

View each work using this Interactive Map.


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