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Dr. Alice Christie's Constructivist Learning Resource

Constructivism is a learning theory that supports the following principles:

  • Learning is an active process facilitated by an environment that encourages: risk-taking, creative thinking, and critical thinking.
  • Teachers create such environments to: facilitate learning and provide opportunities for self-reflection and self-evaluation.
  • Learning is social and is fostered by collaboration.
  • Learners learn by doing within a specific context.
  • Learning is reflective and incorporates feedback from teachers (co-learners) and peers.
  • Students and teachers learn through their mistakes.
  • Technology is a tool to facilitate learning and is NOT the focus of learning.

For more information, see Dr. Christie's Powerpoint™ Presentation on Constructivism. Also see Characteristics of Constructivist Learning (PDF).

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Teacher as Facilitator

Teacher as Collaborator

Teacher as Curriculum Developer

Teacher as Team Member

Teacher as Community Builder

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