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Dr. Alice Christie's Rubrics Page

Rubrics are used to guide students in the completion of a project or assignments and they are used to evaluate the completed project or assignment. Rubrics have the following advantages:

  • Students have explicit guidelines regarding teacher expectations
  • Teachers have an objective set of criteria and descriptions with which to evaluate student work
  • Teachers can increase the quality of their direct instruction by providing focus, emphasis, and attention to particular details as a model for students
  • Students can use rubrics as a tool to develop their abilities.
  • Teachers can reuse rubrics for various activities.
  • Rubrics establish clear benchmarks for achievement

Below are links to a number of rubrics that I use in my classes. Please feel free to use these as is or adapt them to better meet your needs:

Below are links to rubrics created by other educators that I use extensively:

Links to online resources on rubrics: