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Dr. Alice Christie's Sample KidQuest

Arizona Desert Plants KidQuest
for Emergent Readers and Writers
by Alice Christie

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Let's Begin

We live in Arizona in the desert. Here it is very hot and very dry.

We will learn what plants grow in the Arizona desert.We will learn how plants grow in such a hot and dry place.


What We'll Learn

After we study desert plants, we
will each:

  • design & write a desert postcard
  • make graphs about desert plants
  • draw a desert plant
  • write a desert plant story
  • invite our parents to a desert plant celebration


Let's Explore

Desert plants grow all around us in Arizona. In this KidQuest, we:

  1. Look at photos of desert plants
  2. Gather information about desert plants
  3. Create a desert plant postcard
  4. Create some graphs about the colors and types of desert plants we see
  5. Draw a desert plant as it looks in winter and summer
  6. Write a desert plant story
  7. Share our pictures, stories and graphs with our parents and other kids in our school and in Arizona

Let's look at photos of many desert plants

Site 1 | Site 2 | Site 3 | Site 4 | Site 5
Site 6 Site 7 | Site 8

Let's gather information about desert plants

Site 1 | Site 2 | Site 3 | Site 4
Site 5 | Site 6 | Site 7 | Site 8 | Site 9

Other Links


Let's Share

Our desert plant projects:

  • Postcards
  • Graphs
  • Pictures
  • Stories


Let's Check

Process Rubric

Product Rubric

What Did I Learn?


Let's Learn More

Here are some places on the Internet we can go to learn more about desert plants:


Teacher's Notes

Online Resources

Coming Soon: lesson objectives, links to content area state standards, links to technology state standards , expected timeline for the KidQuest, hints for managing this KidQuest.