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Dr. Alice Christie's KidQuest Page

KidQuests: WebQuests for Young Kids and Emergent Readers/Writers

A KidQuest is basically a WebQuest for emergent readers and writers. If you've ever tried creating a WebQuest for young children, non-readers, or emergent readers and writers, you've quickly discovered what a time-consuming task it is to find age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate web-based material for these students. As I pondered this issue, the idea of a KidQuest slowly took shape in my mind.

Below I compare and contrast the terminology used in WebQuests and KidQuests so you can see the relationship between the two, and understand the differences between the two.

Introduction Let's Begin
Task What We'll Learn
Process/Resources Let's Explore
Conclusion Let's Share/Let's Celebrate
Evaluation Let's Check
Extension Let's Learn More
Notes to Teacher Notes to Teacher

Below are links to several sample KidQuests and a KidQuest Template:

KidQuest Sample 1 | KidQuest Sample 2 | KidQuest Template