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Dr. Christie's Google Earth Measurement Tool Tutorial

Start with the big picture: Spain, Africa & the Mediterranean Sea:
Alice Christie Map 1
Zoom in ...
Alice Christie Map 2
Keep zooming until you spot three ships in the Straight of Gibralter:
Alice Christie Map 3
Under the Tools Menu Bar, select Ruler:
GE Ruler
The Ruler Tool appears:
GE Ruler
Select the Unit of Measurement:
GE Ruler
Feet are used in this example:
GE Ruler
Measure the length of the large ship by clicking first on one end of the ship, and then on the other end of the ship:
Alice Christie Map 4
Repeat this procedure to find the length of the smaller ship:
Alice Christie Map 5
What else might you measure using Google Earth?
  • The height famous buildings
  • The length of a river
  • The length and width of an island
  • The width of the Grand Canyon at various places
  • The height of a pyramid
  • The width of a pyramid near the bottom, middle and top
  • The length and width of your home or apartment
  • The length and width of a national park
  • The length and width of your state or a state you are studying
  • The length and width of your county
  • The length and width of a country
  • The length and width of each of the Great Lakes
  • The length of an Interstate Highway
  • The distance between gas stations on various Interstate Highways
  • The length of a runway at an airport
  • The length of various planes at an airport (Try Orly Airport in Paris)
  • The length of a bridge (Try New York City)
  • The length of cars and trucks on bridges or highways
  • The length of a swimming pool (Try Tempe, Arizona)
  • The distance between two places
  • The miles you would drive on your "dream vacation"
  • The distance between the shoreline and the continental shelf at different points of any continent

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