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Long-time educator, Dr. Alice Christie, coined the concept of GoogleTreks™ as an exciting approach to teaching and learning. Enabled by Web 2.0 tools, GoogleTreks™ allows teachers and students to synthesize information in one easy-to-use map that places text, pictures, audio files, video files, and much more in one central location. The photo above shows the group of teachers who created the original GoogleTreks™.


GoogleTreks™ is organized by subject matter:

  • Science
  • Matematics
  • Social Studies
  • language Arts,
  • Other curricular areas.

GoogleTreks are written for specific age groups:

  • Primary
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adults

Please use the GoogleTreks™ Rubric to help you plan GoogleTreks™ before submitting them to this site for publication.


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