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Please use the GoogleTreks™ Rubric as a working guide to help you plan your GoogleTreks™ before submitting them to this site for publication.


A rubric is a scoring guide to evaluate a product based on a full range of criteria rather than a single numerical score. A rubric is usually considered an authentic assessment tool used to measure a product according to real-life criteria.


Although the same criteria are considered, expectations vary according to one's level of expertise. The performance level of a novice is expected be lower than that of an expert and would be reflected in different standards.

To Submit Your GoogleTrek™


Please send the URL for your GoogleTrek™ to with an indication of the content and grade level. Dr. Christie will evaluate your GoogleTrek™ using the GoogleTreks™ Rubric. You will be notified within one week of submission whether your GoogleTrek™ has been accepted for publication.