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Workshops with Dr. Alice Christie:
Weaver Elementary School

Apple's Volume Purchasing Program

Apple instituted the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) in order to facilitate the purchase of 20 or more copies of any app with up to 50% discounts for each app. Schhools can use school credit cards or purchase orders (POs) to buy apps.


The process for purchasing requires an Authorized Purchaser (AP) at the district or school level. This is not just for iTunes and apps, this person can also make purchases via PO or credit card in the education store for their institution.


Once set up, the AP then creates different accounts for people to be Program Facilitators (PFs), who will be able to actually get and distribute the license codes to the teachers. The apps can then be purchased and downloaded and synced to the number of iPad devices for which they purchased a license. It is up to the PF and/or the teacher to track how many devices actually get the app loaded, as there is not currently a way that iTunes can do that.