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Dr. Alice Christie's Using the GE Measurement Tool

Measuring length/width:

  • Interstate Highways

  • Rivers, lakes or seas

  • Islands

  • National Parks

  • Your state or other states

  • Your country or other countries

  • Your home or apartment

RE Ruler Tool


  • a runway at an airport

  • planes at an airport (Try Orly Airport - Paris)

  • cars and trucks on or highways

  • a swimming pool (Try Tempe, Arizona)

  • a bridge (Try NYC)

RE Ruler Tool

  • Distance

    • between gas stations on Interstate Highways

    • between the shoreline and the continental shelf at different points of any continent

    • between two places of your choice

    • to drive or fly on your "dream vacation”


RE Ruler Tool


  • Grand Canyon at various places

  • A pyramid near the bottom, middle and top


  • Famous buildings

  • Various pyramids

RE Ruler Tool