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Dr. Alice Christie's AZ Google Summit 2014 Resources


Engage, Excite, and Empower K-12 Students by Creating and Using GoogleTreks™


GoogleTreks™ synthesize information in easy-to-use interactive maps that place text, images, audio and video files, and more in one central location to motivate digital-age learners.

Educators will see numerous examples of GoogleTreks™ that combine digital data from numerous online sources in one central location and that overlay data on digital maps with clickable markers showing specific points of interest. Learners view maps with pushpins indicating locations where they can find photos, Wikipedia articles, podcasts, historical or scientific data, or other user-created data in a variety of formats. Each pin on the map gives a brief explanation about what students see when they zoom in and out on the maps and move from one site to another.

As digital-age learners begin using Web 2.0 tools, they can create GoogleTreks™ that incorporate their research, photos, podcasts, or other digital data they wish to share with others around the world. Creating GoogleTreks™ that incorporate authentic data, digital photography, voice notes, and location-based research, which learners gather and compile, is an effective way for learners to engage in problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy, contexts for spatial and cultural differences, and communication skills.


Bridging the Apple/Android Gap in K-12 Classrooms


Discover the vast potential for mobile learning. Discover the best Apple apps and their Android equivalents. Ignite students' love of learning with mobile devices. Review relevant, engaging apps that facilitate learning. Use Dr. Christie’s 7C Model (Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Critique, Contextualize, and Choose) to evaluate and identify the best apps for digital-age learners.

After this session, participants will:

  • be able to identify and use a number of instructional strategies appropriate for using mobile devices in K-12 classrooms
  • be able to identify criteria for evaluating apps for mobile devices
  • have a list of numerous excellent Apple and Android apps for K-12 students
  • be ready to download a dozen or more apps for use in their classrooms on the mobile device of their choice