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Dr. Alice Christie's Pinnacle:
Moving Toward Technology Innovation

Workshop Overview


This workshop will use a learn-by-doing, constructivist approach so that participants are actively engaged, challenged to learn and integrate new concepts, working collaboratively with other participants, learning from their mistakes, and applying their new understandings and skills to their own teaching/learning situations.



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Practicing teachers will learn to use two emerging technologies - GPS receivers and geocaching - by locating data-rich geocaches in historic Montgomery, AL. . Through modeling and discussion provided by the workshop, they will be able to design and implement effective learning environments that increase students' communication and problem solving skills through the utilization to GPS receivers and geocaching.


Teachers will also learn about digital data and online resources that support the use of GPS receivers and geocaching in K-12 classrooms.






July 24
Agenda Items
9:20 AM Workshop Overview and Goals
9:30 AM GPS/Geocaching Podcast
9:40 AM Exploring GPS Units: Magellan Explorist 500
9:50 AM Getting to Know You
Forming Teams and Explaining Roles
10:00 AM Geocaching: Part 1 - Alabama Caches
Locating virtual caches near Embassy Suites, Montgomery, AL
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Discussing/Webbing the GPS Exploration and Geocaching Experience
11:15 AM Geocaching: Part 2
Creating virtual caches near Embassy Suites, Montgomery, AL
11:45 AM Ideas for Geocache Contents
12 Noon Lunch
12: 45 PM Gathering Water, Hats and Sunscreen
12:55 PM Exploring Historic Montgomery Through Virtual Caches
Travel by Lightning Trolley on Green and Gold Routes
2:30 PM Reviewing Online Resources
2:45 PM Using GPS Units and Geocaching in Your Schools
3:30 PM GPS/Geocaching Curricular Ideas
3:45 PM Application and Wrap-Up
4:00 PM Workshop Concludes





Handout 1: Roles and Responsibilities
Role Responsibility
Recorder Records search process and discussion
Reporter Reports on search process and discussion
Monitor Monitors times and turns with GPS Units
Facilitator/Photographer Guides group as needed
Takes pictures of group geocaching & discussing


Handout 2: Worksheet for Recording and Discussing Geocache Contents