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Dr. Alice Christie's Presentation at the
AZ Google Summit 2015

AZ Google Summit 2015

ClassJournals: An Invaluable, Interactive, Cloud-Based Tool for Every Digital Classroom

Session Description

Over the last half-century, technology has leapt forward, but the tools used to record observations of day-to-day processes have not. ClassJournals, a tool that easily combines text, images, sketches and calculations into one searchable, accessible, sharable and secure cloud-based system, allows teachers to manage the creation, distribution, collection, and grading of student assignments and assessments.

Teacher and students can use ClassJournals in mobile classrooms featuring laptops, Chromebooks, netbooks, or tablets. Each workshop participant will have live access to ClassJournals through guest accounts, so they can have hands-on experience with all the built-in tools. The workshop will focus on those features of ClassJournals that teachers and students found most helpful: shape recognition, freehand drawing, the ability to  “hand-write corrective feedback directly over text or graphical sections of student work, and adding web-based images to libraries.

Participants in this workshop will experience how ClassJournals (a) simplifies the assignment, student response, teacher-critique workflow and (b) brings the ease-of-use of pencil and paper to the computer and tablet, (c) provides teachers the ability to manage the creation, distribution, collection, and grading of student assignments in real time, and (d) allows peer-to-peer sharing of documents so that students can help each other learn as they complete their work.


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