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Dr. Alice Christie's Presentation at the
AZ Google Summit 2015

AZ Google Summit 2015

GoogleTreks™: An Instructional Strategy for K-12 Classrooms Based on Google Maps

Session Description

Learn to create GoogleTreks™, student-friendly web-based lessons/units that contextualize learning by bringing together text, images, videos, audio clips, charts, graphs, primary source material, and more to engage and motivate digital-age learners. Teachers and students can create GoogleTreks™ using GoogleMaps and numerous other Web 2.0 tools.

Teachers will see numerous examples of Web-based lessons/units that combine digital data from numerous online sources in one central location. These lessons/units (coined GoogleTreks™ by the presenter) use digital maps with clickable pushpins indicating locations where students can find photos, text-based information, videos, audio clips, charts, graphs, podcasts, historical or scientific data, or other user-created data.

The goal of educators creating Web-based GoogleTreks™ is to effectively integrate technology around specific subject matter that requires understanding the unique and dynamic, transactional relationship between content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge. Educators create GoogleTreks™ to individualize and differentiate instruction as no single combination of content, technology, and pedagogy will apply for every teacher, every course, or every pedagogical approach.

After digital-age learners become familiar with the GoogleTreks™ format and use a variety of Web 2.0 tools, they can create GoogleTreks™ that incorporate their research, photos, podcasts, or other digital data that they wish to share with others around the world. Creating GoogleTreks™ that incorporate authentic data, digital photography, voice notes, and location-based research, which learners gather and compile, is an effective way for learners to engage in problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy, contexts for spatial and cultural differences, and communication skills.


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Dr. Alice Christie, Arizona State University President's Professor Emeritus


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Dr. Alice A. Christie, Arizona State University President’s Professor Emeritus, received her Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Language and Literacy from Arizona State University in 1995. She served in the College of Teacher Education and Leadership at Arizona State University from 1995 until her recent retirement. Prior to this, she taught for twenty-five years in K-12 schools.

She speaks and conducts workshops nationally and internationally on how technology can enhance teaching and learning. With over forty-five years of experience as an educator, numerous awards for teaching excellence, vast knowledge of how to integrate technology in teaching and learning, and an internationally acclaimed Web site, Dr. Alice Christie presents enlightening, empowering, and relevant workshops to K-12 educators.

Her humor, high energy, ability to inspire teachers, and her deep understanding of the learning process make her an indispensable workshop facilitator for K-12 schools seeking to integrate technology, improve instructional strategies, and student learning.