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Dr. Christie's Workshops: Google Tools for Schools Part

Google Tools
Dr. Christie's Powerpoint Presentation (PDF Format)


The Four C's of Technology Integration: Pillars of Digital-Age Learning

4 Cs




Create and Communicate with Blogger



Link to Blogger


Class Assignments, Documents, Study Guides

Create and Communicate with Gmail



Link to Gmail


Contextualize with iGoogle










Link to iGoogle

Collaborate with Google Docs



Link to Google Docs




Presentation Examples:

Working with Google Calendar

Moving from Good to Great

Word Processing Examples:

Planning a Conference

Assignment: Instructional Technology Inventory

Spreadsheet Examples:


Planning an Un-Conference

Mapping Gadget

Categorizing Exercise


Create and Contextualize with Picasa


Link to Picasa




Class Trip

Virtual Trip to Woodland Park Zoo

Cassie Herd’s Classroom

Student Work Showcase

Students at Work

Science Lab Showcase

Musical Instruments (Independent Learning)

Visual Concept: Yellow roads to SLO

Extending Learning with Graphics: Physics


Google Lookup in Google Spreadsheets
























Google LookUp can do quick serarches for straightforward facts about specific things.
Some examples include:

Countries and U.S. States


Cities and Towns

Musicians and Actors


U.S. Presidents

Baseball Players

Chemical Elements

Chemical Compounds

Stars and Planets




Examples from the ISTE Webinar:

Books Illustrated by Eric Carle

US Presidents

Country Populations, Language, and Area

Syntax for Searching with Entity and Attribute
Already Entered into Spreadsheet

=GoogleLookup(entity, attribute)

"entity" is specified in Column A (books)

"attribute" is specified in rows (publication date)



Syntax for Searching for an UnknownEntity and Attribute

GoogleLookup("entity”; "attribute")

"entity" is the name of the entity that you want to access (Oxygen)

"attribute" is the type of information that you want to retrieve (Atomic Weight) =GoogleLookup(“oxygen”; “atomic weight”)

Google Search


Link to Google Search


Features Discussed in ISTE Webinar

Safe Search

Advanced Search

Advanced Search: Reading Level

Wonder Wheel Search

Related Searches

Google Search Timeline

Recent Searches

Google News

Google Alerts

Google Images – Advanced Search


Similar Images

Google News Timeline

Google Books

Google Translate

Google Trends

Google Supports Education

Google for Educators

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps Education Community


Google Teacher Academy

Google Certified Teachers

Other Google Resources

Google Toys for Your Classroom

Amazing Things You Can Do with Google Docs

Pima County, AZ Google Tools Ideas

E-Learning for Educators Online Course

BGHS Professional Development Wiki

Top 10 Reasons to use Google Apps Education

Google for Educators: Google Docs

Google for Educators Discussion Group

20 Google Doc Templates for use in Science/Math Classrooms

Google Apps Education Community