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Dr. Alice Christie's Technology Training for
Hotevilla-Bacavi Community School


Animoto Movies Created by the HBCS Staff
Ms. Begay Ms. Doane Ms. Knorowski Ms. Onsae
Ms. Bradbury Ms. Foltz Mr. Leonard Ms. Parra
Ms. Carl Ms. Harding Ms. Monongye Ms. Roy
Ms. Davis Ms. Katoney Mr. Moore Ms. Sumatzkuku
Using iPads in K-8 Classrooms
Using QR Codes in K-8 Classrooms
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Model Lessons: January 15, 2014

Whole Group Instruction EduCreations (Simple Subjects) Language Arts
Small Group Model 1 Precision Math
Small Group Model 2 Stack the States - Two Players Social Studies
Individual Students Use of iPads Green Eggs and Ham Reading
Individual or Small Group Trading Cards (Famous Scientists) Science
Using Photos and Video

Example 1: Child Reading

Example 2: Science Experiment

Example 3: Problem Solving

Example 4: Defining a Concept

Example: Introducing Yourself

Cross Curricular


Ideas for the New HBCS Web Site
How to Display your iPad Image in the Classroom
iPad Apps Evaluation Guidelines
    • Dr. Alice Christie's 6C Rubric

      To what extent does an app allow students and teachers to:
      • Create (write, draw, make movies, make music, etc.);
      • Connect (reach out and connect with others locally or globally, F2F or virtually);
      • Communicate (talk with others, share ideas, publicize creations, etc.);
      • Collaborate (work, write, draw, brainstorm with others);
      • Contextualize (view from a more global context, relate one idea with another, relate one content area with another, see interrelationships); and
      • Critique (think critically about issues or ideas; evaluate relevance, reliability, credibility, authority, or accuracy).

Dr. Christie's 6C Model


Introduction to Web Resources