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Dr. Alice Christie's Workshop:
Enhancing STEAM Learning in Your K-8 Classroom

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Dr. Christie's May 21, 2018 STEAM Workshop
  • STEAM Overview
  • STEAM Unit: Marbled Crayfish GoogleTrek™

    • ENGAGE (Generate interest, access prior knowledge, connect to past knowledge, set parameters of the focus, frame the idea)

    • EXPLORE (Experience key concepts; discover new skills; probe, inquire, and question experiences, examine thinking, establish relationships and understanding)

    • EXPLAIN (Connect prior knowledge and background to new discoveries, communicate new understandings, connect informal language to formal language

    • EXTEND (Apply new learning to a new or similar situation, extend and explain concept being explored, communicate new understanding with formal language)

    • EVALUATE ((Assess understanding (self, peer and teacher evaluation), demonstrate understanding of new concept by observation or open- ended response, apply within problem situation, show evidence of accomplishment)
Exit Ticket
  • How did your understanding of STEM/STEAM education deepen?
  • What instructional strategies did you see modeled today that yo
    can use in your classroom?
  • What technology tools did you see modeled today that yo
    can incorporate into your classroom?
Mind Maps and Word Clouds Created During the Workshop
  • Coming Soon
STEM/STEAM Resources
Examples of STEM Curriculum Maps and Guides
(From a random Google search with no guarantee of quality or purpose)
  • Kindergarten - Learning to Graph
  • First Grade - Shapes and Colors Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Second Grade -
  • Third Grade -
  • Fourth Grade - Building 3D Structures with Toothpicks and Candy
  • Fifth Grade - Which paper shape is the strongest? Why?
  • Sixth Grade - Memory Tray
  • Seventh Grade -
  • Eighth Grade - Categorizing