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Geo = Earth
Cache = Hidden Treasure

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The GEOPA PILOT PROJECT: Introductory Lesson

Lesson Overview

This half-day lesson will use a learn-by-doing approach so that students are actively engaged and challenged to learn. They will work collaboratively to use GPS technology to discover art-related caches hidden around Barcelona School. These caches will help stimulate an exploration of the following questions:

  • What is Art?
  • What is Public Art?
  • What are GPS Receivers and Geocaching?
  • How do you use a GPS Receiver to discover "hidden treasures" in our world?

Lesson Schedule

Time Activities
9:00 AM Lesson Overview, Goals, and Introductions
9:10 AM GPS/Geocaching Podcast
9:20 AM Forming Teams and Explaining Roles
9:25 AM Exploring GPS Units: Magellan | Garmin
9:30 AM Geocaching near Barcelona School (locating caches with photos of art work from across world cultures and ages).
Link to art work (This is a LARGE PDF file: 19.5 MB)
10:00 AM Discussing/Webbing the Geocache Contents
10:30 AM Discussing/Webbing the GPS Exploration and Geocaching Experience
10:45 AM Reviewing Online Resources
11:00 AM Creating Waypoints Using GPS Technology
11:20 AM Completing Online Survey
11:30 AM Conclusions and Planning for January 22, 2008 Field Trip
11:40 AM Lesson Concludes

Discussing What We Learned