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Increase Student Engagement and Student Learning by Using iPads in  TK - 2nd Grade Classrooms


Free Apps to Download Prior to Seminar

Workshop Activities





Dr. Christie's Presentation
Apps Evaluation Guidelines
    • Dr. Alice Christie's 7C Rubric

      To what extent does an app allow students and teachers to:
      • Create (write, draw, make movies, make music, etc.);
      • Connect (reach out and connect with others locally or globally, F2F or virtually);
      • Communicate (talk with others, share ideas, publicize creations, etc.);
      • Collaborate (work, write, draw, brainstorm with others);
      • Contextualize (view from a more global context, relate one idea with another, relate one content area with another, see interrelationships);
      • Critique (think critically about issues or ideas; evaluate relevance, reliability, credibility, authority, or accuracy); and
      • Choose (topic, tool, process).