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Dr. Alice Christie's AZ K-12 Center 2011 Workshops

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Monday, June 13

Photos from Camp Plug and Play: Tucson 2011
Engage Digital-Age Learners with Interactive GoogleTreks™

Learn to use Web 2.0 tools to produce interdisciplinary user-created units called GoogleTreks™ that engage, empower and motivate 21st century learners. Dr. Christie created and branded this instructional strategy that incorporates text, charts, photos, movies, podcasts, or other digital data in a central, web-based location. GoogleTreks™ encourages learners to engage in problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy, understanding spatial and cultural differences, and improving digital-age skills. This session is supported by GoogleTreks™ resources and repository found at

Tuesday, June 14

Use GPS Receivers and EduCaching to Engage and Empower K-12 Learners

Learn by doing! Locate data-rich EduCaches to learn about GPS units and Geocaching/ EduCaching. Explore standards-based best practices. Create caches in any curricular area to transform classrooms from teacher-centered environments to exciting exploratory student-centered environments. Learn how EduCaching can effectively enhance students’ (and teachers’) abilities to: think both logically and creatively solve problems learn from mistakes work collaboratively be actively engaged in the learning process apply new understandings and skills to other learning situations