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Dr. Christie's AZ K-12 Center Camp Plug and Play 8.0

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Engage Digital-Age Learners with Interactive GoogleTreks™

Learn to use Web 2.0 tools to produce interdisciplinary user-created units called GoogleTreks™ that engage, empower and motivate 21st century learners. Dr. Christie created and branded this instructional strategy that incorporates text, charts, photos, movies, podcasts, or other digital data in a central, web-based location. GoogleTreks™ encourages learners to engage in problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy, understanding spatial and cultural differences, and improving digital-age skills.


This session is supported by GoogleTreks™ resources and repository found at MORE...


Enabling Learning Shifts

Today’s teachers are responsible for preparing digital-age learners for their futures, not our past. So, we must embrace innovative new tools for learners to create and share user-generated content, and we need to learn strategies that allow today’s students to get and share information when they want, how they want, and whenever they want.


To meet the challenge posed above, this strand spotlights emerging web-based technologies and explores numerous ways to foster effective student-centered environments that emphasize ways teachers and students can use second generation Internet tools and applications.


The overarching theme of this strand is the 6 Cs: create, communicate, collaborate, connect, contextualize, and critique. Participants will explore numerous web-based tools to help teachers and students move from being information consumers to information producers. MORE...


Optional Evening Sessions: 6:30 – 7:30 PM

GeoCaching at Westward Look Resort


Do you like the challenge of a puzzle or a treasure hunt? Do you want to get a little exercise? Do you want to learn how to use the GPS-enabled feature of your mobile device? If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider joining Dr. Alice Christie for a geocaching adventure near the Westward Look Resort. Download the free geocaching app on your mobile device, grab a bottle of water, and meet in Foyer at 6:30.