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Dr. Christie's AZ K-12 Center Camp Plug and Play 10.0

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Making Marvelous Websites: Participant Experts

Google Sites: Kim Thomas, Mike Bailey, and Alice Christie
Weebly: Nick Gehrts, Rebeca Stroup, Mike Bailey, and Lynn Castiglione
Dreamweaver: Alice Christie
Google Forms: Kim Thomas, Nathan Bolden, Catherine Leshinski, Natalia Quezada, Josh Oliver, Jason Roach, and Mike Bailey
Google Maps: Nathan Bolden, Josh Oliver, and Alice Christie
Google Docs: Many of you
Embedding YouTube Videos: Kim Thomas and Maria Lopez
Twitter: Christin Monaco and Nick Gehrt
Facebook: Many of you
Remind: Christin Monaco, Rebeca Stroup, Margaret Schofield, and Ariana Gowda
HaikuDeck: Alice Christie
Padlet: Catherine Leshinski and Alice Christie
Flipboard: Alice Christie
ThingLink: Alice Christie
PiktoChart: Alice Christie
Canva: Catherine Leshinski and Alice Christie
Google Drawing: Josh Oliver
Google Gadgets: Alice Christie
Extensions and Add-Ons: Josh Oliver and Mike Bailey
Edmoto: Natalia Quezada and Rebeca Stroup
Web-based E-Portfolios: Alice Christie
Web Design: Alice Christie
HTML Coding: Alice Christie
Inserting Images and Backgrounds: Mike Bailey
Copyright Rules: Angela Brown and Margaret Schofield
Creating and Using Templates: Rebeca Stroup and Margaret Schofield
Embedding Widgets: Alice Christie
Animoto: Kim Thomas, Alice Christie, and Lynn Castiglione
Wordle and Tagxedo: Kim Thomas, Christin Monaco and Lynn Castiglione
Google WebDeveloper:
Website Evaluation: Rebeca Stroup, Alice Christie, and Lynn Castiglione
Quizlet: Catherine Leshinski
Overall Website Issues: Darlene Price