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Dr. Christie's AZ K-12 Center Camp Plug and Play 11.0

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Making Marvelous Websites


Let’s give your website a makeover! Effective teacher websites are not static; they are dynamic, engaging, and student-centered. Embedding widgets, adding interactivity, incorporating social media, viewing visitor statistics, and, most importantly – posting student work, are essential elements of digital-age websites.


In this strand, you will see multiple examples of exemplary teacher websites, and add or embed elements such as Google Forms, Google Maps, Google Slides, YouTube, Scribed, Twitter, Remind, EduClipper, Haiku Deck, Flipboard, Google Analytics, Padlet, ThingLink, etc. to your existing website in an effort to support active, participatory classrooms where students and teachers collaboratively create exciting, engaging learning environments. You will also learn to make customized graphics for headers, page titles, and blog posts with tools like Canva, PiktoChart, Google Drawings, or PowerPoint.


Note: This strand of Camp Plug and Play 11.0 is for teachers who already have some experience creating websites, and who have an active classroom website they want to make marvelous!

  1. Identify characteristics and elements of exemplary teacher websites that you wish to incorporate into your existing classroom website.
  2. Explore the numerous widgets, web tools, social media tools, and website traffic analysis tools available to educators using websites to communicate with their students, their students’ parents, and other teachers and students worldwide.
  3. Embed or incorporate tools to make your website more dynamic, engaging, and student-centered that will reflect your learning environment.
  4. Create customized graphics using Canva, PiktoChart, Google Drawings, or PowerPoint to brand your website as an exemplary educational resource.
  5. Design your website so that it supports the publication of student work.