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Dr. Christie's Workshops: Teaching and Technology 2011


GoogleTreks™: Creating Curricular Units with GoogleMaps  


Learn to use Web 2.0 tools to create interdisciplinary units that engage, empower and motivate 21st century learners. Participants create GoogleTreks™ (mapping mash-ups) that incorporate text, photos, videos, and other digital data. GoogleTreks™ enhance students’ problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy, communication skills, and understanding of spatial and cultural differences. Read more...

Google Tools for Schools


This session focuses on free applications from Google that support teaching and learning. It provides quick overviews of familiar tools: Blogger, Gmail, iGoogle, Google Docs, and Picasa and more in-depth looks at Google Lookup, GoogleEarth, GoogleMaps, the new capabilities of Google Search. It highlights the Four C's of Technology Integration with Google: Create, Communicate, Collaborate, and Contextualize. Read more...