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Dr. Christie's Workshop for Valley Preparatory School: Redlands, CA

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  • Carl's Table's Definition of Blended Learning:

    Blended learning is a mixture of online and classroom learning to create a student-centered, collaborative environment that fosters rigorous and relevant learning and self-reliant students.
  • Linda's Table's Definition of Blended Learning:

    Blended Learning integrates the use of technology with face-to-face learning. The use of Blended Learning in the classroom allows teachers to incorporate the best of both worlds while engaging with their students. Blended Learning offers choices in both time and place. Lessons become more relevant and engaging while giving students more control over their learning. A flipped-classroom allows students to work at their own pace outside the classroom while affording the teacher more face-to-face time during class time. Using technology to teach and access is a convenient way to help cultivate in students the necessary skills to succeed by exciting, engaging, and empowering them.
  • Carrie's Table's Definition of Blended Learning:

    A mixture of online and face-to-face teaching.
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